A History of Panic

Animals and humans are sometimes driven by panic, by the sudden onset of fear of survival, wherein the host goes nuts.  

Panic can be useful for personal survival; it is rarely helpful for the herd, our herd, the human race.

The etymology of panic comes from the Greek God Pans, the god of shepherds and pastures, usually a happy guy.

But if Pans were asleep and awakened suddenly, Pans would give a thunderous shout and cause forest animals to stampede, blindly.

Panic causes loss of all practical common sense and reason.  Panic causes one to forget about other people to ensure the survival of the one.

Panic is not admirable; it is not brave; it is not healthy for the herd or self.

Indeed, panic is a stupid response to any given situation.

In antiquity, humans used sudden fear, loud noises to panic and drive herds of animals to run blindly along a path that would ensure the animals would fall off cliffs to their deaths.

For humans, this was an early buffet.  The buffet was not good for the herd.

Humans sometimes drown in panic as the world’s political elites use fear to drive whole populations into the elite needed direction.

Circa the period of this writing, the elites are using a real problem of a virus, superbly overhyped, to herd the population into an unreasonable fear, and just like the gazelles, sheep, and cattle of antiquity, the world population is in panic mode being manipulated and controlled to go over a financial cliff.

Case in point for 2020
Corona Virus, first discovered in the 1960s.  Variants have included bird flu, swine flu, and so forth.
H1N1, circa 2009, infected some 60 million people in the U.S.
U.S. deaths have been estimated from 17000 up to 22000. (some were never tested)
Deaths included old and young.
NBC News reported these numbers in 2010.
There was minimal panic, loss of reason, loss of common sense because the news services did not use this as an enema.

Present-day virus, under 2000 currently reported cases in the U.S.  (testing is increasing. Therefore numbers will increase)
U.S. deaths, less than 50 have died, and these are mostly elderly with previous health issues.
PANIC – Total loss of reason and common sense caused by false and overhyped reporting.

The evidence of panic lies in the fact that people are buying stores of toilet paper.  There is no evidence that toilet paper helps prevent the onset of the virus or cures the host.

Do not be a sheep for the manipulation from the elites.  The elites do not care about the everyday person.

Do not be driven over a cliff.

Think for yourself while ignoring the News services and the political elites.

Let common sense prevail.

Let those driving the herds go straight to Hell.