That Sneaky Voice of Confidence

Did you hear that little squeaky voice today? Just behind you and a bit lower than your shoulders?
You know? The sly sneaky one that says, “If I had only done this or that, I would be somebody?”
That voice, the confidence vampire, exists for many of us.
Most of us might have wanted a different life. Important, maybe? That talking head on the TV might have wanted to be a big-league home run hitter instead of talking to a camera.
And, that beautiful starlet might wish for the love of her life, instead of kissing all the frogs in a movie.
You could complain about that moment in time. You know? If you had taken a right turn, you would have made that record, but you didn’t. Maybe, your left turn was your first love, and you put off that big scary dream and lost that right turn to the love of your life.
Dream big or go home! Do you ever hear that one? But, most of us are pretty average. Not all of us are important.
So, the next time you hear that doubting voice, the one that makes you feel bad, makes you reach for one more drink or a happy pill, and sends your mind wishing for what “might have been?”
Just blow a big one, and get back to your life, make it the best you can do.