Time for a New Season

I never felt the wrong, when I could taste the right
did not question any soul, same hue day or night,
I never knew the fear, when I heard my friend,
Only felt the rhythm of life, never wanting the end

Chase me to silence while you drum your sides
Follow me in darkness; my light will surprise
You Need not worry, those foundering on fears,
The music of life will pound in your ears.

Now, spring is coming, can’t be stopped,
To Slow your beat, you must raise your top
Turn that tired eye to the buds, and buzzings and wings
Listen to the children round you; we all have mirrored within

Time for a new season, hope, and growth,
Behind us, we shake the gray gloom and road
Travel without, get outside your tombs
Open your heart, mind, and senses to new life.