The Strings of Mephistopheles

Come on, Meph, you said you wanted to pull strings.
You were so happy with the corruption before when the ones in power did everything you wanted, and the young ones swayed back and forth and smiled and felt so good about their votes, your votes.
Why the long pull on that ancient face now?
All our friends had a great run, lots of gold, lots of power, even when the ones over there thought they knew what we were doing, our people buried them.
The best Magic ever. Don’t look at the rabbit in my left hand; watch my right.
Billions in cash on-air planes were flying east. Our press never carried it.
Our SOS with illegal servers, our FBI buried it.
Benghazi, dead Ambassador, nothing to be done, “stand down.”
The corruption led right to the top: your top, Meph.
Someone famous said, “If I burn, you will all burn.”
We got past them all Mephistopheles.
I know. You were put off when that funny one got voted in by the people—surprised you and me.
So, you increased the Magic. The Russians. Cavanaugh. Impeach.
I know, the CCP as part of this, they were pissed.
Release the Kracken (or the virus) after writing in the “act of God” into the Tariffs. CCP doesn’t believe in God.
Get the Who on the right page, then the CDC.
Mephistopheles strings were pretty short in Seattle and NYCity, weren’t they? Pretty simple there.
Now, you have black against black and white. Young against old, parent against child.Right against left.Quiet against loud.Peaceful against angry.
You even have people putting up walls and border guards.
You are Brilliant.
All your puppets are in play.
They will never know until they destroy all they love.
Then it will be too late for the puppets.
You will win Mephistopheles.
Why the long ancient face? Are you afraid you will not have toys to torment?