Erasing History

There is an active attempt today to erase U.S. history.

There can be no honest or honorable reason to do this.

One way to do that is to erase the layers and complexities of any one historical person or persons and make them all villains.

One will use a word like “glorification” as a codeword to enable hate.

The statues are to “glorify” that general.

Multiple times in the last few months, I have seen our young people use a broad brush on the Civil War 1861-1865.

A one-layer argument does not give justice to the more than 600000 people who believed they were fighting for a cause and died for their beliefs on both sides.

Very few of the dead on either side ever owned slaves and some of the dead on both sides had been slaves.

Ulysses Grant, the so-called bulldog general from the north, did own slaves for a time as his father in law did, though he freed his slaves as quickly as he could. Grant did not believe in the practice.

Robert Lee’s wife did have a plantation, she was descended from George Washington, but Lee himself did not believe in slavery. Lincoln asked him to fight for the north, but Lee did not want to pit brother against brother. He resigned his military commission but was later heavily recruited to lead the south.

You see, in human events, none of us have only one layer, and we are all shaped by the context and challenges of our time.

It is only through ignorance and arrogance others will judge us later.

Those that would erase our history want our young to be ignorant and arrogant, while buoyed on their justified hate.

Ask yourself:

Why do they want to erase U.S. History?
What is the ultimate goal?

The end cannot be an honorable one.