Sgt. Ma Space Soldier

Amazon. SciFi,
Have one kickass 8ft. female soldier, add a really short guy that is sexist and racists. These are paired to protect the good, not the bad. Will they kill the bad guys, before they kill each other?
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Sgt. Ma Space Soldier by [G.H. White]


They say Hell is a great place to visit, but you would not want to stay there.

They say it is… unpleasant.

I have been to Hell and back several times.  I can’t say I ever enjoyed my time there, but I will go back again, no doubt.

Hell is war.  War is my job!

The New Universal All Worlds Wikipedia lists a soldier as typically an enlisted man. I take exception to the NUAW Wikipedia in that; I am not a man, and I am barely of man.

I am a proud soldier in the All Worlds United Armed Services, UAS, Space Brigade.  In common vernacular, I am a Space Soldier.

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