How many more for me?

Warm, leisurely fingers drape across the day, moving the buds in the trees and seeds of the earth to come to, move and grow, while colors burst anew, as the shadows of the trees shorten then lengthen.

The gray and brown of cold has been chased by wonderful greens and red hues to welcome life.

Glorious in abundance, wonderful to an eye when seen unfold, when one must be childlike to soak in its reverence and glory.

Now, long fingers lay in the cooling day and the color wheel brightens even more showing the smaller creatures, quiet but moving.

Very soon, the buzzing winged ones will begin to change the sound and draw from the colors I seek to see.

The turning of the wheel, when one sees it fresh and wonders how many more for thee. This turning of the wheel.

This churning of life?How many more for me?