A Touch of Evil, a new book of horror and the paranormal

I have a new book available.

Lucky #7.

Paperback and Hardback will follow.

A casual book written for the casual reader.

“A Touch of Evil.”

Alan, a gifted boy with 6th sense, will know an object’s past or present by touching that object. Touches can be pleasant or not. A simple stairwell can cause horror and confusion in the young boy’s mind. An evil Scottish entity, MacDougal, made the mistake of cursing God while offering himself to the Devil. Neither wanted him. He has lived centuries by enveloping a host, then consuming their life forces and killing them while eternally looking for his love, Clara. Finally, circa 1981, he finds the boy with the magic touch and struggles to control him, needing his help to find modern-day reincarnated Clara.

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A Touch of Evil: A book of horror and paranomal by [by G.H. White]

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