Tears of Life

Tears of a young one, fed from fear and hunger, missing the support of Mother.

A cry that calls for help in life.

Tears of an old one, fed from a life of mistakes fueled from pride, supported by few.

Tears of desperation, hoping someone listens to the final beats, as the night closes heavy.All tears have fallen upon the crest of cheeks, sitting just on the curve, catching the sun as a painting as sunrise forces all to call to life.

First, the red pierces the dark as a crack begins, then the orange as squirrels race about, now yellow as the bird song erupts, and finally, the world is alive and singing complaining the dawn.Tears driven from the pure, and purely driven tears when hope is lost.A cry of help, some pure, some caused.

Tears for all.Hold for the dawn.

Embrace life.

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