Mothers of Hope

I could tell you a sad story, a born child deserted at birth by the father, followed by a broken mother, followed by abject poverty and hopelessness, and stay true to life.

But, the world is not built on failure, instead, it is hope and determination, and good people that force one to struggle in the deep waters, and look for safety, and find it.

Hope, and faith, cause one to go forth when history would say give up.

We have treaded the waters of faithlessness, failure, and fear, spoon-fed to us by hapless, arrogant, and ignorant people from afar.

Those that look on the sea of humanity and see only numbers, not mothers, grandmothers, and daughters.

Those too haughty and superior to believe in their own failures and supplications. Those so superior that truly believe they know the best of the future, as long as you supply their food, transportation, and riches.

We are in deep waters.

We have been deserted by those we want to trust.

The sad story immerses us in the bile of indescribable filth, smells, and depravity.

The hope is our future and one of determination as you mothers, grandmothers, and daughters will find safety filling the shallows with smiles and song and love.

Know the ones of depravity are not your future.

Know your love is.