Believe in You

I do hope someone believed in you in your past.

It might have been your mother, a friend, or the dog, but someone to validate your life meant something and to propel you to stretch higher for that brass ring.

Women that think their lives mean nothing, yet have birthed multiple babies capable of changing the world.

Men, that think they have achieved nothing yet help the woman with multiple babies change the world.

You singles that live alone, die alone, but you touch the soul of someone distant to laugh a little, live a little, feel a bit more. Maybe it is your help that causes someone to stretch for the brass ring and move us all forward.

The world is a fountain of lives, living and dying, and we are all in the mix.

No, do not look at the talking heads to give you direction, they are famous in the moment, yet gaseous in their lives.

Look away from those few, look near enough to touch.

Mayhap like me, you can point to the few that actually believed in you, gave you some impetus to do more.

I cannot touch mine anymore, they are gone. But, I can give you their names, faces, voices, and stories of who they were.

Otherwise, we are all truly alone to birth, grow, struggle, then die as if no one believed in our lives.

That is too sad.

I will not believe in that.

I hope you have someone that believed in you. To do more than they. To help more than they.

To propel you closer to the brass ring.

We should all help others to do more, to be more, to stretch beyond our selfish selves.