Vast it is,
in that dark corner of your mind, the one filled with stark loneliness?

That one where you knew you failed again?

That same corner you have earned over years of poor choices filled with selfish justifications.


Know I await you there, for I am you.

You, without your glimmer, without golden charms, without lovely cloths.
You laid bare. Your essence.

I wait for you to fill the lower reaches of your soul, such only one way is now open.
Up.  Away from the bottom of you.

The bottom will leech all of the trappings of your wanton selfishness.
The bottom will strip you of all that you do not need.
From here, you will see the light, the way out, you.

The flight from the bottom is a glorious one filled with revelations of truth of self and life, to give unto others, to shoulder some of their pain, to see the loss in their eyes, and make a dutiful payment to them.

Be not careless in your gifts, not all deserve your time.

Some are merely leeches of others, who have not sought nor earned their bottom. They justify their blame for their plight on others and continue selfish pursuits.

Give freely to ones that need you, give none to those vampires of life.


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