Religion or Life

There is some evidence Jesus spent time learning Buddhism, the religion of suffering and learning before one can reach Nirvana. Buddhism began circa 500 B.C.

Then, there is the religion of Hinduism, wherein the spirit is not confined to the physical body or soul. One has four paths to enlightenment and four paths to enlightenment for the soul, mind, devotion to God, and so forth.

I only know in my life, I have felt deference to animals, plants, and things. I love children, puppies, and kittens, yet a special kinship with a hurt animal on the side of the road. I find myself apologizing to a tree when I am forced to cut a branch, or worse when I have to cut the tree down.

If I existed one hundred years ago, I would not have hesitated to kill a buck, a chick, even a wolf, but would have done so from a feeling of survival.

Hindus might say the circle of reincarnation inhabits my soul, worrying to end a life of a plant, insect, or cow, and though that might be true.

I will not hesitate to defend my family or friends or dogs from invaders seeking their destruction.

Though I do not believe in the wanton destruction of life, I will not turn the other cheek when facing invaders that would destroy lives within my circle.

What does that make me?

Am I Hindu?

Am I Buddhist?

Surely I cannot be Christian?

Perhaps, I am honor?