G.H. White Book Title by Genre

My Amazon/Goodread book titles based on Genre.

In short form, a relaxed writer using the pen name G.H. White written for a casual reader.

Female serial killer and war hero series:
1. Her Passion to Kill
2. An Elite Killing Team
3. Stalking Evil

Fact-based fiction:
1. Life and Love of a Knuckleballer(w Spunky Ireland)
2. Heart-shaped Memories

Paranormal and Science Fiction:
1. Sgt Ma, Space Soldier
2. God’s Gate
3. A Touch of Evil
4. Desperate Migration, Prequel to Sgt Ma.

Second pen name, Mudd White, to go outside my comfort zone while exploring the outer regions of life.

Hell, there might be a western, dog story, or even romance under this one.:
1. The Many Paths of Lenny (philosophical, fear of failure, fact-based)