G.H. White Book Title by Genre

My Amazon/Goodread book titles based on Genre.

In short form, a relaxed writer using the pen name G.H. White written for a casual reader.

Female serial killer and war hero series:
1. Her Passion to Kill
2. An Elite Killing Team
3. Stalking Evil

Fact-based fiction:
1. Life and Love of a Knuckleballer(w Spunky Ireland)
2. Heart-shaped Memories

Paranormal and Science Fiction:
1. Sgt Ma, Space Soldier
2. God’s Gate
3. A Touch of Evil

Second pen name, Mudd White, to go outside my comfort zone while exploring the outer regions of life.

Hell, there might be a western, dog story, or even romance under this one.:
1. The Many Paths of Lenny (philosophical, fear of failure, fact-based)
2. (Fred meets Alice???) First four chapters, looking for love in a destroyed dystopian world. Stay tuned.
3. ???under construction, the voices are in my head. Until they start arguing I can’t make sense of it.

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