Her Passion To Kill


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Have you ever wondered how the Rich and Powerful get rid of their unpleasant problems?

Janet knew as a child that her pleasure came from killing, and not sex.

Later in life, she has become very accomplished, sometimes killing as a male serial, other times as a female.

As she flew under the FBI radar, and felt confident she could continue to kill as she wanted, until she agreed to become a contract killer for a famous and powerful senator.

Could she survive this contract killing?



HER  PASSION  TO  KILL: From Serial Killer to Hitwoman

Chapter One:

Introduction to a Killer

If one’s passion is to kill and kill again, one must be like a passing shadow to other eyes, as if invisible.

One must walk as quietly as a mist coming from the ocean on a still autumn morning, felt but not heard.

Janet was one such killer, though ‘Janet’ was only a name she used from time to time.

She could give you her given family name but would not.

Few people who passed Janet in the street would notice her average height and build, mousey brown hair, and slightly narrowed catlike brown eyes.

Given the few times she spoke, nothing strange would be in the sound of her voice.

Though she was highly athletic, her walk was more ballet than a jock.

She attended to everyday feminine needs to have her hair and nails done professionally once a month to fit that time’s styles.

Her nail polish was neutral, her hair color her own.

One of her few extravagances was Italian leather shoes. Many alluring designs attracted her, like Gucci, Gemi, and others. Still, she kept colors more neutral and rarely a tall heel.

Between hunts, she listened only to piano instrumentals, preferring quiet, relaxed jazz. Sometimes, she would use her ancient IPOD to play this same jazz for her dead target during a controlled kill.

She liked to think it helped them ease out of the living to pass into what was next.

       Janet wanted to use burning sage to calm and cleanse their souls as they departed, but some detective would eventually catch that tell and have a clue to watch out for her kills.

There was little memorable about Janet; she killed, blended in, then disappeared.

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