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This is the 3rd in my series of a female serial killer, Janet, and teammate war hero, Zach.

The Elite Killing Team stalks rich pedophiles and takes out the trash of humanity

Partial Sample:

Chapter 1

As the January Wolf Moon reached its zenith in the sky, Janet Steel marveled at the solitude of Lower Red Lake, Minnesota.

While the frozen lake reflected a glistening white, the surrounding forest was dark shapes poking the night canvas.

Janet marveled at the sounds of groaning and shifting lake ice, seeming at times gentle while others as if giant claws screeched across nature’s blackboard.

She said quietly to the night, “I feel microscopic out here.”

Janet used her ice boots to crunch the snow below her feet to answer the lake’s cracking voice. 

Glints of light from overhead illuminated this frozen expanse of a lake with the air so clear, Janet felt she could see far into the radiant night.

An hour ago, her jazz pianist’s recording of Misty, playing through her earbuds, had ended.

She had finished her work on David and walked through the shadowed woods to burst suddenly onto the shoreline.

There, she found a rock and sat, admiring how her breath exhales glistened as the frigid air caused the formation of tiny atmospheric crystals.

After a time, she looked down at her hands, still holding the knife she used to rearrange David’s features, and noted how black his blood now looked congealing on her gloves. During his torture and kill, she had used a smooth nonserrated blade to have less evidence to clean away from it.

In the frigid air devoid of humankind, she believed her senses had increased as she thought she smelled the lake with a whiff of something metallic, but then realized that smell must be David’s blood on her.

She remembered the moment life had gone out of David’s eyes as he passed to death.

As a child, when she killed small animals, she watched over them to see if something left their bodies. She never saw a spirit sign, just dulling of their eyes as if a cloud passed through them.

Janet briefly wondered how reincarnation could work if souls were not recycled. And what of ghosts? As she had killed so many, she should have had one visit her.

Now that Christmas had come and gone, she felt she owed herself a present.

Hence she chose to stalk David Sever, the child-killing pedophile and a priest of the Satanic Temple in Chicago. Though he preferred little boys, he would accept a girl. Most of the children he used sexually but saved a few for death-dealing satanic rituals.

Satanism has been around for a long time.

Jewish people believed Gehinnom was a spiritual place more than two thousand years ago. People thought souls went there to be cleansed. Gehinnom was sometimes translated as Hell. Later, Hell was used in the Christian faith to become a place of horrors for the damned.

Satanism was a competing religion to the Jewish and Christian faith’s version of Heaven and Hell. Satan was revered then as now. In that time frame so long ago, the worship likely related to a belief that Satan would help crops or sheep herds prosper, while today, it is more about meeting carnal desires and gaining power. In their Satanism, it was common to offer the firstborn male fiery sacrifice to Satan’s glory.

The more modern version of Anton LaVey Satanic Temple, circa 1969, had encouraged more churches to open in other parts of the world with various charters. Still, Satan symbolized them, openly mocking Christian privilege and beliefs.

Though Janet was Agnostic, she had read widely and knew the image of an evil red and horned demon had several offshoots in history. However, today’s overall picture of Satan began in the ninth century with many names, including the Devil, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, and more.

Another name, Lucifer, can be translated as the morning star or light-bringer and is connected with Venus.

Lucifer was absorbed into the Christian faith, believing Lucifer had been one of God’s most perfect creations as he was the most intelligent, robust, and handsome of all the angels.

Lucifer’s arrogance led him to believe he was God’s equal, thus causing the war in heaven that resulted in him and his followers falling from grace to Earth.

Hence, fallen angels.

In the Hebrew Bible, or Tanaka, the interpretation of Satan is he is the prosecutor or adversary that tests or tempts the goodness of man.

Janet had read Genesis of the Christian Bible several times. She knew that he was not mentioned as Satan but often identified as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. In Revelations, he is bound for a thousand years, while named the Great Red Dragon, defeated by Archangel Michael, and thrown into a lake of eternal fire.

Modern Satanic churches like LeVay’s might say the Devil exemplifies virtuous human characteristics, free-thinking, and romantic.

Satan appears in various forms in literature, with Dante’s Inferno and Milton’s Paradise Lost as the most widely quoted. 

There were so many layers to these writings that Janet had read them a few times to glean all she could.

At the turn of the 20th century, Aleister Crowley wrote a poem,  A Hymn to Lucifer. Aleister was an occultist encouraging the Thelema religion connected loosely to Egyptian writings, Book of Law, which bodes “Do what thy wilt.” Pedophilia was an accepted practice.

Janet had seen a sexually charged movie portraying some Satanic Church rituals, Eyes Wide Shut. It was released in 1999 by Stanley Kubrick, a famous Hollywood director.

One rumor stated Stanley was repulsed by child trafficking and Satanists in Hollywood and used the film to expose them more.

She did not care one way or another about religious beliefs unless they added to the torture of her victim.

She did not consider herself evil. It was her nature to kill living things and get sexual pleasure from the act, like many other serial killers.

Indeed, many Satanists were true atheists, rejecting God and the Devil, preferring to give in to their carnal wants as the purest of human nature. Some wanted to believe Satan was real and answer their prayers for change or power.

Regardless, the theatrics or drama used in the early LaVey temples was entertaining and brought in more members. The more outlandishly sadistic portions were reserved for a small core of wealthy believers.

The wildest rumors persisted into modern times, as the FBI had investigated the LaVey’s temple in the ’80s. They found some Satanic rituals could not penetrate the inner circle where the direst existed.

Satanists have stated frequently, “Christians have to die to find heaven. Satanists enjoy all their lusty wants while living.”

The faithful say that the individual’s personality will project the entities of God and Satan.

This religion frequently included any Elites that wanted more power, glory, and money.

Arrogance was the main ingredient in their rise to the Elite strata.

Hollywood and Washington D.C. were filled with Satanists, as was Portland, Chicago, and other large cities.

Satanic temples and symbols existed worldwide, as did Elite Pedophilia.

In modern times, the laws regarding pedophilia were changing to make it legal to have sex with a Child of twelve or so, while public school systems introduced elementary school topics like anal sex.

As one would expect, progressive states were leading the way, corrupting the young and our future.

David Sever’s purpose in pursuing the Satanic rituals had been to show his power as an Elite, supremely ignoring the morals and laws of the less worthy herds of humankind. When David Sever used a child for the Temple, the children’s cries for freedom and their suffering tiny dying bodies made him feel powerful, like a god.

After all, once you have more power and money than you can spend, how do you grow and show off to other Elites?

One achieves this next level by destroying the most precious commodity people know—their children.

Janet knew why she now seemed determined to hunt Elite pedophiles but would not openly admit her teammate’s influence, Zach. 

Zachary Heston had been a highly decorated Army Ranger who had lost his legs in Afghanistan.

He now focused on helping future children in his newly developed life by helping Janet kill wealthy pedophiles. He believed that by finding the more prominent pedophiles and killing them, others would be less prone to hurting children.

Janet enjoyed her part in an entirely different way than Zach intended.

Most rich Elites have little courage preferring to hide behind their enormous resources just out of reach of the laws guiding the sheep beneath them. They hire private security agents to protect them from theft, ransom, or assassination attempts. Additionally, they have bulletproof cars, hardened houses, yachts, and planes.

Janet’s kills in the past did not target the rich. Indeed, her kills did not repeat in any religious, socioeconomic, gender, or race labels.

In this way, she did not leave a trail the FBI might follow other serial killers like Ted Bundy. He had chosen only long-haired brunette girls to kill with blunt instruments.

Janet considered Bundy to be a lucky brute of a killer. His methods would not work today, as present-day law enforcement would get wind of him after his second or third kill and look for him in earnest.

She had learned and earned to be the best of serial killers, thereby staying off the radar of law enforcement.

She had had a brief stint as a contract killer but did not like being in someone else’s employ.

A high-ranking Senator had directed her killing, picking her targets. Yes, Janet did continue to kill for the Senator but soon became aware she would be eradicated as an evidence trail of bodies could link the Senator to Janet.

Janet later tried to stalk and kill the Senator but allowed cancer to take the female’s life instead.

 She had destroyed an array of human beings in various ways, including mixed martial arts, sharp-edged and blunt weapons, firearms, and in ways that the police could interpret as suicide.

Janet’s favorite was her two-for-one or mutual killing, wherein one target appeared to have killed another, then themselves.