The Many Paths of Lenny

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A Sample:

A Questionable Introduction

There are statues, paintings, and books handed down from the famous or infamous people that came before us.

Some names, like Madam Curie, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, e e cummings, Jesus, Einstein, and many more, spring readily to mind.

There are more people alive today than have ever lived.

On a slow walk through any cemetery, one can read the names and dates of many souls that no one today remembers their voice or talent.

Do you hunger for fame?

Do you wish to leave a mark on the world?

Do you want another life right now?

In many popular tales, one can read of heroes and villains losing life, love, or hope.

Since none of us live like a cinema, those words are gray in most lives. We do not have well-defined layers and achievements.

Only a few of us have a satisfying beginning, prosperous middle, and a heavenly finale.

We all lose the ingredients for happiness from time to time while padding to one future or another.

Anyone’s life is messy, including the “perfect” ones you might see on a bright screen, as social media has painted a false reality for us.

Throughout my life, I was the villain in some cases, and the people surrounding me were frequently my heroes, guardians, and helpers.

Since I am much nearer my death than birth, I am confident to make that distinction and more.

For much of humankind’s known history, many people have wondered about our lives’ mysterious forces at work.

Some feel their sleeping dreams give answers or present more questions that stem from another place, another world.

Our daydreams seem different, more of self. I.e., visualizing what we want.

Most past societies had a sage or seer, like the Greek Oracles, to make sense of those dreams and perhaps tell the future.

Always with payment, of course.

Ancient societies have had shamans, magi, and Jewish Chakram using tools like tarot cards, crystal balls, and trance-like states to provide direction.

Today’s Shaman might use a hallucinogenic drug like the South American drink, Ayahuasca, to cross brain borders. Some feel like it might open a doorway to another reality.

From ancient Sanskrit, one can read theories of the Akashic record, which is said to encase all knowledge, emotions, music, and math that has ever been or will exist.

Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, believed he could tap into this Akashic record and therefore see the future and prescribe medical cures for his patients. Though he had no medical training, his “cures” mainly were successful.

Cayce foretold the finding of Atlantis off the coast of Bimini and Florida circa 1967.

Indeed the Bimini Road was found marked with strange parallel rectangular stones in ’67. Some believe this is a leftover construct from Atlantis, possibly a harbor based on the shape.

A growing group of people believes many things are possible within the counter-intuitive world of Quantum Mechanics.

Classical/Newtonian physics works for the macro world but does not for the micro-world of subatomic particles.

Albert Einstein called this theory “spooky at a distance” since it postulated that two distant atomic particles could react as if they were connected.

Even decades later, he had little faith in the theory, writing B.S. on the pages of published views.

 Spooky at a distance has been proven in places like CERN, the world’s most potent super particle collider.

Some scientists believe a semblance of time travel is possible within Quantum Theory, the human sense of dreams that reveal the future, and genius-level thinking like Nikola Tesla.

What if Gurus’s meditation and psychotropic drug world can give us a glimpse of the Akashic record?

What if the Akashic record does exist in the Quantum Realm?

What if God exists in the Quantum Realm in the spaces between sub-atomic particles?

Records from ancient Babylonia and Egypt indicate that people cast good and evil spells during the time.

Gamblers today may believe in lucky numbers, socks, hats, or friends to help them win “the big one.”

Everyone wants good luck.

But, our lives are usually a mixture of good and poor choices.

Bad luck causes one to question one’s place in life, “Why me?”

Good luck is a celebration or taken for granted.

Some people do not believe in luck, dreams, or magic. These people think they make those with the force of their will.

I say that true intelligence is not just measured by your math scores but also by how successfully you navigate life.

Even someone boasting a Ph.D. might choose poorly.

I once knew a brilliant man that had two Ph.D. in both mathematics and physics. He played beautiful guitar music and had a presence in the classroom that was so awesome. Yet, his personal life was in chaos.

He chose poorly in the end.

He chose suicide.

Many people might think they are wise and frequently attempt to force others to see their wisdom.

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”
George Benard Shaw  20th century

This same arrogant group would be shocked that others do not see them as intelligent but simply performing and parading like peacocks, as it were.

A modern-day talking head illustrates this the best.

Do you believe the world sees the real you?

One can hear a declaration, “If I can’t see it, touch, or taste it, it is not real.”

I feel sorry for the people without imagination or magic in their lives.

Wonderful feelings lie in a baby’s smile or laugh. You might feel it reflected in the eyes of a lover.

Magic surrounds us all in nature’s intricate beauty.

There are times when music sways an entire audience, and sometimes a generation, as there is magic in song.

Strangely, every musical note has a vibration, like the cells in our bodies, thoughts, heartbeat, and even the universe’s black holes.

Resonant sound or vibration can be used to enhance or destroy, like the demonstration causing a wine glass to break with a particular protracted note.

A low note might cause a piece of furniture to buzz in sympathetic resonance in your living room.

Some people believe medical cures are in specific sound frequencies, reaching into the cellular structure in a certain way to cause positive growth. Hence, healing through sound. Solfeggio Frequencies are one example.

Could real wisdom lie in the frequencies of our reality?

Could the Akashic record be tapped through vibration?

Do Shaman’s chant and drum beat reach across the brain barrier?

Others believe in Karma, leftover past life energy to be resolved in the present life. As you treat others with positive energy, it will be returned to you, as will the opposite.

The Karma questions cause many of us to wonder who and why we are. Some accept their lives as reality, while others might not care.

Fate, or predestination, indicates we have to follow the path, and our choices will mean little.

Some might think of DNA as part of fate.

“Since my father and I share red hair and short stature, am I doomed to be an asshole like him?”

No, that is DNA confused with fate. I am proof of that example.

As a thought experiment, consider the next potential Beethoven is born in the South American Peruvian mountain regions.

How will this potential musical genius grow and achieve?

Is it our fate to be famous or homeless?

Can we improve or ruin our lives with choices?

Or are we just pinballs bouncing from one post to another, falling towards an eventual ending?

Did my soul exist before my birth, and will it again after my death?

Is it true that my birth time created my personality based on the Sun, Moon, and stars?

Am I Gemini or a Leo?

Does it matter?

Fear of failing is so common that a fancy word is used for it.


 One can positively use this fear of failure instead of allowing it to paralyze your actions.

I suggest starting with an honest self-examination of all warts, self-doubt, and scarred knees to lift you and be the best your Karma will allow.

You can call me Lenny, though that is not my name.

Do you now ask why I am telling this story in the first person as if I was someone important?

I am not important; I represent many others worldwide who have only their closest friends and families believe in them.

Millions of beautiful singers, artists, guitar players, gifted teachers, and actors will never be famous yet are still outstanding.

Why aren’t they famous? Timing? Opportunity? Fate?

For some unknowable reason, I have had far more help from people and otherworldly than one person deserves, so my Karma questions come into play.

The reader should know I do not like the “I” word.

Sometimes in this text, I will substitute my name instead of I to lower the apparent ego effect.

I apologize in advance to any reader that might get confused or irritated.

Why substitute I, you ask?

Because I believe;
Ego = 1/ IQ.

As the Ego goes up, the intelligence drops proportionally.

I think others might benefit from reading my story without getting offended by any arrogance read here in the text.

My story is of a lifetime learning and trying new things that others avoided.

If you fear failure, you will constipate your forward progress. Anon