I Forgot My Lines, But I Have no Fear

The call from the others comes in daily, nightly, lastly, just when peace takes me near sleep and dreams.

“Why you?  Why are you breathing?  What is so special about you?”  they ask in Legion.

They remind me how many never got free of the womb, how many passed so young, here cancer, there a bullet, over yonder a war, a young one falling out of a window, and yet, I pass, I laugh, I love.

“Why you?”

I died before I forgot.  I lived before many times, but I am blocked now.

“Why you?”

The Grand schema runs around me, before me, after me, I do not know.  I forgot my lines, my parts, my life.

Still, I am, right now.

My value lies somewhere else, as the rivers of time run over, under, and through me.

And, they ask, “Why you?”

I do not know…

From my earliest thought till now, I know I should sing, love, hug, and hope.

Why me?

Maybe, I hope in a stained T-shirt.

Maybe, I am all, in a hopeless race.

Maybe a piece of you is a piece of me, and we all need hope.

Maybe the dreams from so many Legion ago, are the dreams of now covered in layers and layers of paint, and I am just simple.

It could be, your strength for another day comes from one word.




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