Let my Soul Leave the Ground

Leave me now my heart,
Lighten the load that keeps me bound
Let me fly out on my own,
Let me leave the ground


All love is behind me,
Nothing more to yearn
My growing years in a dull mirror,
Nothing more to learn

Tomorrow just a wisp of things I wanted,
Forever out of reach,
No more disappointments,
No more time to preach

Leave me now I pray thee
Let me move quietly from here
Let the silence envelope me
For peace I need to hear

There is a beginning,
There’s always an end
As was in time past,
As it always has been
Tear not for me, for I had the grand,
I had the lovers and many friends.
A rich heart mine always, but now time is lean,
I will not fade slowly, but will make it clean.

Let  my soul leave the ground.

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