God’s Gate

God's Gate     Cover from Pixabay.com, Hans Braxmeir     https://tinyurl.com/8rfg77pl avail: ebook, paper, hard https://tinyurl.com/8rfg77pl   I’ve always enjoyed books that made me think and this book will definitely make you think.Two men worlds apart. One secret sent from the stars.No thoughts or theories prepared Reverend Bill for his future. Now homeless after his … Continue reading God’s Gate

Sgt. Ma Space Soldier

Amazon. ebook, paper, hard, SciFi, click on: https://tinyurl.com/yy3lj8tn Cover from Pixabay.com, Original Stefan Keller, Modified Gary Orona. An intriguing and unique story. The characters are well-drawn and the plot flows quickly. Read a rollicking page-turning sci-fi action tale seven hundred years after Old Earth reaches for the stars. Violence still exists. Sgt. Ma is an … Continue reading Sgt. Ma Space Soldier