I started using my name designation  “Ramblings from an Unpaved Mind” circa April 2015.  The reason I chose this was that I knew some might not like my writing style, as it is too raw, without grammatical perfection so many of them preferred.

Therefore a reader received a quick warning for “Ramblings from an Unpaved Mind” and could quickly skip to another topic if need be.

There are many that prefer the latest from their favorite Music Artist from LA with great hair, no IQ, hate for the cops, love for themselves, looking to be tops of the selfies.

Not material that required a few minutes to read and more to absorb, more thought provoking than exciting.

My life has been an eclectic one, that likely shows in my writing.  I have had many job interests and traveled quite a bit.  I have found friendly people everywhere, and some not so good people as well.

Since I prefer to listen, learning new dialects and languages is almost a given.  Guided by dialects, differences of opinion, my friends have caught me mushing German, with Italien, sandwiched with Spanish.

Fair Play and a heightened sense of right and wrong drive many of my decisions.
And, truly, that I know the difference.

My first love is listening to people, their stories of how their life journey had brought them to me.  When and how they soared or failed.  In some cases, I take their memories in order to write.

I was never one destined for boredom as on any given day, I could be wrenching an auto or motorcycle engine, servicing a computer, reading a book about anything, pouring concrete or any number of things, to include learning something new.

“It is better to know a little about everything than everything about one thing!”
Score two points for Pascal.

How does one ever get bored in our world?

But, I also love the world of Physics, Electronics, and Music, where much of my passion and education has been.

In my past life, I have been,
a seeker of knowledge, a musician, a soldier, a father (my fav), a high tech guy, a consultant, and all the while, a reader.

My hope is every day I wake up, I will find something to get excited about and learn.

gh white