G.H. White Book Title by Genre

My Amazon/Goodread book titles based on Genre. In short form, a relaxed writer using the pen name G.H. White written for a casual reader.Female serial killer and war hero series:1. Her Passion to Kill2. An Elite Killing Team3. Stalking Evil Fact-based fiction:1. Life and Love of a Knuckleballer(w Spunky Ireland)2. Heart-shaped Memories Paranormal and Science … Continue reading G.H. White Book Title by Genre

A Touch of Evil, a book of horror and the paranormal

Avail: ebook, paper, hard "A Touch of Evil." https://tinyurl.com/4jt678vv He’s hidden his unique skills since he could walk. Now they might be the only thing that can defeat an unspeakable monster.1981. Nine-year-old Alan Barnes is afraid to touch anything. The merest brush with an object triggers an overwhelming flood of images and feelings he struggles … Continue reading A Touch of Evil, a book of horror and the paranormal

Life and Love of a Knuckleballer

New Version, available in Hardback. https://tinyurl.com/4vd8td8m A little sex. A little humor. Lots of baseball action.Stanley had lost both of his loves, baseball and his wife. Now, with too much time on his hands, he finds predatory women are onhis trail. He knows he needs to find something constructive toget his life back on track. … Continue reading Life and Love of a Knuckleballer

God’s Gate

God's Gate     Cover from Pixabay.com, Hans Braxmeir     https://tinyurl.com/8rfg77pl avail: ebook, paper, hard https://tinyurl.com/8rfg77pl   I’ve always enjoyed books that made me think and this book will definitely make you think.Two men worlds apart. One secret sent from the stars.No thoughts or theories prepared Reverend Bill for his future. Now homeless after his … Continue reading God’s Gate