Heart-Shaped Memories

NEW HARDBACK IS NOW AVAILABLE: Heart Shaped Memories; flash fiction stories of vital memories written about real people most of us would never pay attention to. https://tinyurl.com/yymbkwzw Sample: Rattling the Windows of Life Old man Applegate was about to go off again, destined to scare most of my patients. Even those heavily sedated sometimes were … Continue reading Heart-Shaped Memories


sequel toHer Passion to kill https://tinyurl.com/yxsom4dl For you HARDBACK lovers, a new version is available in hardback from. 9/11 took place and the twin towers fell down. Zach, a college student that lost his firefighting fatherearly, decided he had to join, to fight for his country. He becomes a decorated Army Ranger while fightingin the … Continue reading AN ELITE KILLING TEAM

Life and Love of a Knuckleballer

New Version, available in Hardback. A little sex. A little humor. Lots of baseball action.Stanley had lost both of his loves, baseball and his wife. Now, with too much time on his hands, he finds predatory women are onhis trail. He knows he needs to find something constructive toget his life back on track. When … Continue reading Life and Love of a Knuckleballer